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We are importer, Distributor and Manufacturer representative for Motorcycle and Automobile Parts and
accessories. Specialized in Auto lamp Bulbs. We have known to introduce quality products with competitive price
and enjoying good market reputation since established (1963). Known to serve right replacement for our market.


Chiyoda is one of our established brand since two decades and approved by Original Equipment
Manufacturer(O.E.M) because of its quality. Generation of several determinations of light items, with a full scope
of testing gear. Furthermore, have propelled generation lines and also testing focusing system. The straight-An
items, full administration, and quality approach, to guarantee the quality Products with competitive prices.

The auto is the most prominent mean of transport everywhere throughout the world. It is an outflow of
expanding portability, decadent way of life, and a characteristic piece of our lives. Security and solace assume a key
part in this specific circumstance. The expanding volume of movement, the developing rate of movement and poor
deceivability are situation to which each street client is always subject. Consummate arrangement and productivity
are fundamental highlights of any lighting framework with regards to limiting this hazard in street activity.

See and be seen, as the saying goes, is in this manner a basic watchword for decreasing potential threats in
street activity and making the essential conditions helpful for the sheltered treatment of engine vehicles. A
developing number of provinces have justifiable reason explanation behind offering leeway for this requirement
for wellbeing by presenting enactment make it compulsory for headlights to be exchanged on amid the day also, in
light of the fact that light means better location and this, thusly, implies swifter and prior responses to risk.

Quality items made by Chiyoda have what it takes to meet and to continue taking care of these developing
requests. Extra Long Life Compare to any available brand in the market. Extra Fast Light as to consumer
satisfaction because it’s according to O.E.M. Specification. Halogens Bulb are made of Quartz Glass so its quality
may also proved unmatched with any brand

Every one of the procedures at Chiyoda — frame improvement and creation directly through to deals and
coordination’s — are penetrated by the organization’s quality ethos and steady drive to meet the most noteworthy
quality measures. Forefront innovation and the most recent know-how include forever in the offer to improve
forms with a view to fulfilling the developing requests on items and administrations. The automated reconciliation
of frameworks in all divisions empowers the organization to react with speed and adaptability to changes.