1141 S25 Bulb Chiyoda


  • Bulb Type: 1141 S25
  • Base Type: BA15S
  • Available Light Color: Clear, Amber, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue
  • Available Working Voltage: 12/24V
  • Available Power: 21W
  • Applications: Auto Headlight

Product Id: 1635-36-37-38-41-42-43-44

*12v For Vehicle with single battery

*24v For Vehicle with double battery

  • The Chiyoda High-Performance mini bulb delivers a whiter light by using a specially designed filament and a propriety gas mixture, as well as a lamp coating that shifts the color temperature towards a whiter light.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE, HIGH DURABILITY, EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE: Designed for durability, greater safety, high performance, and lower maintenance by the leading supplier of automotive lighting.

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