Festoon lamps Chiyoda

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  • Bulb Type: Festoon LampsĀ 
  • Base Type: SV8,5
  • Available Light Color: Clear
  • Custom SIZE and VOLTS According to your need
  • Applications: Auto Headlight

Product Id: 4014-4026

*12v For Vehicle with single battery

*24v For Vehicle with double battery

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Festoon lights come in many different styles. In addition to halogen and other incandescent bulb styles, LED bulbs that emit LED light are also a common type of festoon bulb. Incandescent or halogen festoon bulbs offer light temperatures at around 2700 to 3000 Kelvin, which provides a warm, yellow light. LED bulbs, in comparison, can come in a variety of color temperatures that range from yellow to temperatures as high as 5000 Kelvin, which offers colors shifted towards the blue end of the spectrum for bright but more stark and severe lighting.







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