S2 Bulb Chiyoda

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Bulb Type: S2
Base Type: Ba20d
Available Light Color: Clear
Available Working Voltage: 12V
Available Power: 25/25W-35/35W
Applications: Auto Headlight

Product Id: 1471-72

*12v For Vehicle with single battery

*24v For Vehicle with double battery

CHIYODA has an array of. s2 led headlight to choose from. These lights are the latest trend in lighting technology and have benefits that will improve your nighttime driving experience. Switch your dim headlights for these. s2 led headlight for improved brightness. They produce a focused beam of light that is powerful and has amazing clarity. These. s2 led headlight projects to light farther and allow you to see more clearly, thus ensuring safer driving.

CHIYODA AUTO LAMP gives you a wide selection to choose from.. s2 led headlight suppliers and wholesalers can access the different offerings on the site and get great deals. You can also give your car a luxurious appearance by installing these. s2 led headlights. The lights are attractive to look at, and you can also choose from a variety of color options to make your headlights vibrant without compromising on brightness. The. s2 led headlight to come from trusted manufacturers and guarantee quality.


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Dimensions 1 × 2 × 3 cm





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